Music Can Change the World - story  

This little song I jotted out in October, is now ready to fly out into the world.  Music that stems from a deep love of the world and the loving energy we create and share with one another.  It also has come at a time where I am deeply contemplating the state of the world and our inability to love that which is different, or opposing to us.  I feel that if we were to love one another without limitations, we would be able to find peace. 

This contemplation is all written out in my latest music called ‘A Love Lesson' that's up on my SoundCloud page. 

For me, love means to fracture and repair, always coming back to repair and care. Love is the desire and effort to go deeper. It is doing the inner work to regulate our own nervous systems to be able to give love to the child we were, and know we are no longer in danger or threat, and can take care of ourselves with deep love and compassion towards ourselves. Love is a choice and desire to let our partner be who they need to be as they grow into the best they can be. Love is understanding and regulating one’s own system as the vehicle for being able to hold two opposing realities; our own needs and the needs and desires of our partner, without needing to control the outcome. Love is holding the grief of what we may feel for what we may desire and need while holding space for our partner to feel and think what they need too…and that these are not mutually exclusive, they are one. Love is loving ourselves into wholeness and then allowing for that love to open and hold space so that our partner can also love themselves into their wholeness. 

Four months ago, I met Tréson, a soul/reggae singer at a friend's Birthday party.  How and when we meet the humans in our life, is one of fate, but we create our own fate.  What we are searching for in the world, and what challenges we can handle, they come to find us at the right time. I started listening to Tréson's Reggae band, The Human Rights, and the message of peace and unity and love flowed over me.  I wrote ‘Music Can Change The World’ with their stage show in mind and as an anthem song for everyone to sing along with at the end of a show.  I also sat in front of my OrKidstra friends and sang it to them…just the cello pizzicato with my very shy vocals. We had just come back from a AIM ‘Academy for Impact Through Music’ conference in Chicago, where we connected with likeminded organizations that also want to change the trajectory of the world.  I dream of us singing it together.  The OrKidstra is my most precious and deep hopes, turned into action.  The OrKidstra is my family and the home for who I truly am…both music and feeling true belonging in my human form. It exemplifies the peace and love I dream that the whole world will one day embrace.  It is currently ‘in action’ at OrKidstra. 

This ‘pop style’ music is also out of my music production comfort zone!  My Rage Angel partner, Craig Robert McConnell (who is a pop mixing master!!) took the time to mix and master it for me so it pops out of the speakers!!!  I am so grateul for his support.  The drums were also recorded by the incredible Mark Kelso, who had the infinite patience to do 3 passes, until I was able to figure out how I wanted it to sound!! I don't speak drums well yet…so it was a journey! The offers to help and to spread this music around the world has been so heartwarming, I am so moved, words cannot express how it feels to have such kindness flow my way and towards this dream of mine. 

This new music moves me…it brings me to my knees in gratitude for my life. It brings me close to those that I love, and closer to those that are not so easy to love. It is bouyant and breathes life into me when I'm sad. It walks with me, when I am lonely.  It gives me the love that I need. It is my hope for the world. 

Tréson and I made this happen…against all odds and differences, we chose to love through music.  Music saved us.  This music exists because we were able to love through music, despite our differences.  So here is the result of what can happen when you love without limits and you put your heart out there, on that proverbial platter.  Music…can and will change the world. - MM. 

To participate in the project, please visit my page Music Can Change The World to find the stems and sheet music and upload/tag information.  It would be awesome for us to hear your voices all come together!! 

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