what critics have to say:

‘Edgy, challenging and incredibly powerful’ - Bluewolf Reviews 

‘Absolutely fantastic’ - Bluewolf reviews 

‘I listened in awe’ - The WholeNote Magazine 

‘A brilliant display of virtuosity’ - The WholeNote Magazine 

‘Mesmerizing’ - CBC Radio 

‘Absolutely transporting’ - CBC Radio 

‘A magic in itself’ - Ottawa Life Magazine 

‘Superb cellist’ - Ottawa Citizen 

‘I take heart from Margaret Maria’s music. It does have healing powers’ - WholeNote Magazine 

‘She creates mesmerizing soundscapes with her cello and some technological tricks in her studio’ - CBC Radio

What fans have to say:

'I have just been listening to CBC Radio 2 playing your music today. It's terrific; exciting, haunting and exquisitely played. Thanks for making this music.' - C. Buckley

‘This CD is incredibly beautiful. (Where Words Fail- Music for Healing) The compositions are always interesting, full of surprises, full of emotions, and brimming with imagination. And your playing!!!. You play with such precision, depth, beauty of sound, and an incredible control of the instrument. You do what you want with it. Very impressive indeed.’ - D. Brown

'Holy crap!!! This is awesome!! (Snakes and Demons) So many sounds. Fantastic!!' - R. Hoekman 

'Oh Margaret - this is gut-wrenching (I no longer pray for peace) after starting with such beauty. What an astonishing description of our feelings right now.' - S. Gill 

 'Hauntingly beautiful! (Goddess of Edges)' - Bret M. 

 'Gorgeous beyond words!! Sheer poetry in sound!! Congratulations!! (Final Prayers) - Parv88

 'What a very deeply touching piece (Final Prayers): the music that makes the listener one with the performance, turning the rest of the world off for a moment. A moment we can all use sometimes. Thank you, MM, for sharing your creativity with us. It’s wonderful, really.' - K. Ober 

 'Short and beautiful and I wish there were more! (Final Prayers)' - E. Sherk

 'gorgeous music at a time when we need more of this kind of energy. Thank you Margaret for your beautiful gift to us all. (Exquisite Night)' - D. Griffee 

 'How lovely (Exquisite Night)...thank you for the respite from the tyranny of social media....aaaaaah, am breathing deeply' - G. Fordham

'Powerful words and equally powerful creation and performance! Burning in the crucible, the phoenix rises from the ashes of purification. (She Burns)' - Bret M. 

‘Amazing uplifting song! Major congrats to Tréson and Margaret! (Music Can Change the World)’ - @flutetraveller

I hope this song is shared far and wide. It needs to be heard. (Music Can Change the World)’ - @jamesjmcgowan

‘Amazing and inspiring! (Music Can Change the World)’ @WorldWideMusiciansUnited