Margaret Maria's Creativity Courses

5 areas of inquiry and focus

  • ‘Seeds of Creativity’ - idea finding - an immersive dive into the heart of creativity and how we find points of entry into our own creative process (highly experimental and free form) 
  • Music of the Future’ - guiding the creative process, taking the 'Seeds of Creativity' and building content,  exploring and using tools to create. 
  • ‘The Creative Performer’ - what does it take to be a performer that has full freedom to interpret music with a unique sound signature? How to build your sound concept? Find new pathways for  creative choice making and opening up to heightened responsivity where music flows and breathes. Nurturing the artist within.
  • Alice Kay Kanack’s 'Creativity Ability Development' (CAD) explored and put into action.  A deep dive into the brilliant CAD method as a way to develop heightened awareness, musical and interpersonal responsiveness and building  creativity at all levels. 
  • 'Margaret Maria's Spontaneous Orchestra' is a community music initiative to bring intrumentalists of all levels together to create music together in a large group.  Utilizing the 'CAD' principal and 'Improvising String Quartets' by AliceKay Kanack, the world of creating on the spot opens up new and fascinating dimensions.  This is a group that will experiment and open up this area of creativity together. 

University Level Courses on offer:

intensives for university level students

Creativity Intensive: 'Seeds of Creativity', 'Music of the Future', 'The Creative Performer', Alice Kay Kanack's 'Creativity Ability Development' and 'Margaret Maria's Spontaneous Orchestra' 

Full day, two day and three day intensives are offered. 

Cello Choir Repertoire and Performance: prepare and perform Margaret Maria's incredible new music for 5-12 cellos, with the composer as conductor!  

All Levels Courses on offer:

Improv Explorers + composition component

  • 1.5 hour journey into improvising
  • 1.5 hour exploration of improv and compostition
  • Online or in person in Toronto or Ottawa. Courses are customized from basic to advanced instrumental skills.  Suzuki studio classes are welcome and this course compliments traditional instrumental studios and augments the group classes offered. 


Cello Lessons: Private (online and in person)  Toronto and Ottawa - currently limited spots available. 

Cello Orchestral Audition Preparation- Private lessons in person (Toronto or Ottawa) or online.