Spontaneous Creation Duo

Marbyllia is an improvising duo with Margaret Maria (cello) and Bill Gilliam (piano) that began experimenting together in Toronto, in 2022. Marbyllia's first album launch took place at Annette Studios in Toronto, Dec 2023.

Margaret Maria is a graduate of The Curtis Institute of Music and is a former cellist with the National Arts Centre Orchestra and Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Bill is a Toronto composer / pianist, who studied at Berklee College of Music.

Uncountable Spheres is a journey from our earth’s core gravitational forces and our troposphere where we live impacted by climate change, and further up into our distressed stratosphere. Our experimental cello and piano free improvisations continue to imagine a passage through the wonderful ethereal nature of the different levels of our atmosphere’s protective mesosphere and thermosphere until we reach the very edge of the exosphere where atoms and molecules escape into space and satellites orbit the earth. As we encounter the weightlessness of space we begin our search for unexplored worlds. 

Here on our fragile sphere for only a tiny fraction of the immense universe, our atmospheric cello and piano free improvisations are both a sliver and an eternity of hope; radiating through a moment in time. 
Released November 13, 2023
All compositions and production by Margaret Maria & Bill Gilliam 
© ℗ Marbyllia, 2023 SOCAN 
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gary Honess at Khul Muzik, Toronto