Lady Of the Moon - Rock Opera IN DEVELOPMENT STAGE

(Synopsis Act 1) - Authors: Margaret Maria (Canada) and Julian Garcia Reig (Argentina)

Duration: 90 minutes - in two Acts: 45 minute each with intermission

Act 1 

1. Overture:  (Blind Ascent) 

The Sculptor is frustrated about his professional and personal life, he is not able to see or find a solution. 

2. Aria 1 ‘Iced Sun’ (Love for Lawrence) 

His wife, Maria, is half grotesque and half beautiful and hides under a cape, but she is seen reacting to the Sculptors dreams and she follows him in various guises. 

The Sculptor experiences a mystical extraterrestrial encounter in which receives the order to create a floating sculpture. Representing the overcoming of man and the beginning of a new Era. 

3. Aria 2 " Revelation" (Love's Spirit_Robyn's Soaring) 

Obsessed, the Sculptor leaves his family, friends and any other projects aside. He shuts himself in his studio "Cave" involved in creation and astronomy. 

Maria’s distress is visible through her body language and her furious actions, as she follows him. 

4. Aria 3 " Isolation" (Valentine’s Anger) 

He begins a phase creating all kinds of crazy and great works taking as his motto ‘Sacrifice work and perseverance’. But he fails in every intent. He don’t know how to dominate gravity. He tries to find the answer in the sky with his old telescope. 

5. Aria 4 "Exploration & Fail" (A Few Too Many) 

The sculptor discovers with his telescope a Lady who lives on the Moon. He is amazed and watches her in awe. 

6. Acrobatic Silks: (Music: Lady of the Moon) 

Through her image, she tries to explain the power of love as a fundamental creative energy, but the sculptor only believes in hard work. 

7. Aria 5 "Lady of the Moon" (Breathtaking Light) 

The Sculptor gives up hope, he doesn't believe! The Lady of the Moon feels it and wants to help him. He can't see her. Dejected and depressed and desperate,  he looks again in the telescope and she is hanging from the edge of the moon!!! He sees her loose her grasp, and she falls, right into his studio. He feels guilty and anguished thinking his lack of faith has killed her. 

8. Aria 6 ‘The Falling’ (No More Time) 

The Sculptor lifts up the lifeless Lady of the Moon, he thinks he may have killed her, and dances with his love; his inspiration. Maria hides in the shadows watching.  The Sculptor has never experienced such deep and intensely pure beauty.  It is a breathtaking dance of exquisitely desperate love.  He gently places her on a soft bed in the middle of the room. 

9. Dance: Waltzing with the Lady of the Moon (Waltzing With M) 

Maria sees her husband’s love for the Lady of the Moon and she gives up hope to ever find love here on earth. 

10. Aria 8 ‘You’re Like and Angel’ (What If) 

While the Sculptor has renewed energy to work, he is distracted by his work and is dreaming, while Maria comes out of hiding to touch the Lady of the Moon. 

At first Maria is angry. Being disfigured, half beautiful and half scarred, she also needs hope from the Lady of the Moon. 

The Lady of the Moon, sensing Maria, and she rises and reaches out to her. Maria is unsure, but she is drawn to her light.  The Lady of the Moon reaches out to her and caresses her scarred face.  Dance of Lady on Silks and Maria reaching up to touch her. 

11. Acrobatic Silks with Lady of the Moon and Maria: (Simply Speechless) 

The Sculptor realizes he needs the energy of the Lady of the Moon to complete his sculpture. 

12. Aria 7 "Revive" (Waiting for Lawrence) 

The Lady of the Moon is revived by drinking the blood of the sun. She embraces the Sculptor who finally understands the power of love. 

13. Aria 7.5 Tower of Power ‘Kings of the Night’ 

The sculptor completes his sculpture with the inspiration of the Lady of the Moon and professes his love for her.  Knowing she has to leave.  He realizes she is weak and doesn't belong to this world, he finishes his floating sculpture to place her back into the sky. 

The sculpture is finished and his love is leaving him. 

15. Aria 9 - Finale Act 1 

Act 2 

Towering over the city lights. The magnificent work towers over the city like a magic cloud. 

The scene is the town below with the sculpture hanging above the town, the moon above is so close.  Maria is seen 

16. Overture: (She Burns) 

17. Aria - Slice of Moon 

The second act music is taken from this set of pieces Goddess of Edges:

Basic Information: 

This opera consists of Arias/Ballads/Accompanied Recitatives and instrumental pieces linking and driving the action. 3 main characters (two singers/actors and 1 female aerial artist/acrobat on silks). 5 dancers. 7 musicians (2 violins, 1 viola and 3 cellos playing both acoustic and electric instruments and 1 Percussionist/electronics). An expressionist scenography in the style of “​Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari” a​nd video projections. 


Act 1

Lawrence, the Sculptor,  is a classical sculptor who is in the second half of his life. One day he experiences a mystical extraterrestrial encounter in which he receives the order to create a floating sculpture. This sculpture is to be his long awaited masterpiece that must represent the overcoming of man and the beginning of a new Era. Obsessed, he leaves his family, friends and any other projects aside, involved only in creation and astronomy. Secretly followed by his wife, Maria, and his old telescope, he begins a creative phase with all kinds of crazy calculations and great phantasms of inspiration, taking as his motto "Sacrifice work and perseverance". At night in his astronomical trips, Lawrence begins a relationship with The Lady of the Moon, a beautiful pale creature who will tries to guide the construction of the giant fundamental work. Distraught, crazy and in love, the Sculptor does not know how to achieve the goal. The Lady of the Moon realizes that he is loosing faith and is starting to think it is impossible, that she falls down from the moon directly into his studio! Lawrence distressed and elated, believes he has killed her with his doubt, but she is still alive. What follows is a sequence of intense beauty and transcendent love, as The Lady of the Moon is waltzed by Lawrence, inspiration is transferred, a connection of the deepest love is made, draining almost all the energy The Lady of the Moon has left. Lawrence realizes that the only way to save her is to complete the sculpture and return her to the sky where she belong.

Act 2

Maria sees her husband’s love for the Lady of the Moon and she gives up hope to ever find love here on earth. While he is busy working, Maria is so overcome with jealousy climbs up on the sculpture to where the Lady Of the Moon lies and tries to kill her. The Lady of the Moon, so full of spirit and love, forgives Maria and gives her her own voice and the the power of creation, which she had within her all along. Maria, so disappointed in the world and the pain of mankind’s suffering, hides on the sculpture sings her Aria, lifting the sculpture into the sky! The Sculptor, so possessed in love, sees his magnificent work rising and towering like a magic cloud over the city, transporting his beloved Lady of the Moon back amongst the stars. Lawrence runs thru the excited crowd as everyone is looking to the fabulous sculpture until he realizes the music, this magical singing is coming from the sky! It is shaking the heavens and tears are falling from the floating sculpture. Realizing it is his true love, Maria, that transcended through his art and raised his masterpiece, it is the beginning of a new era. Maria descends on the thread of silk to join Lawrence and the world celebrates!

This is amazing stuff! As always your cello tracks are mind blowing and the way the singer has used them as bed tracks to create the incredible vocal line over it is astonishing. Like they were always meant to be together. You have to continue with this project. It feels like you two have only scratched the surface of what could be a totally unique opera. Love the raw gutsiness of it and the quality of the voice. ” - J. Roby

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