Song for a winter's Night - cover by Margaret Maria and Tréson

Cover by: Rodchenko Photos: James Nickel 

Margaret Maria and Tréson

cover Gordon Lightfoot's ' song for a winter's night'

The new music that is Margaret Maria and Tréson is as unique as the artists themselves.  The classical world is colliding with the genres of funk, soul and pop, with a fresh new sound and a musical playgroud for Margaret Maria's creativity and Tréson's songwriting and vocal talents. Being courageous and brave to collaborate and venture into uncharted territories, this duo is set to change the world in a way that will not only surprise you, but delight your sonic sensibilities. 

Their first single 'Music Can Change the World' was released December 15, 2023. 

Song For A Winter's Night - credits

Composer: Gordon Lightfoot

Vocals- Tréson

Cello- Margaret Maria 

Instrumental Arrangement: Margaret Maria

Mix and Master: Craig Robert McConnell

Producer: Margaret Maria

Recording Engineer: Margaret Maria

Videographer: James Nickle - Cleveland Sound Labs


Music video - download