From the recording Goddess of Edges (2023)


To all those who have scared me in the real world in my past, you can no longer scare me. I am not afraid.
You can threaten me, tell me I am heartless, tell me my music will no longer come to me…and I will not cower.
I will write…even if it makes you vomit to hear it…I will write it…I will write it unafraid.
I am not bitter, I just wish I had chosen more carefully who entered my life and how I wished to be treated. After looking back on my personal history, it has become clear that I see the the good in everyone, even with the rot. But that doesn’t mean I need to open myself to the point of being hurt badly by behaviour that is toxic, manipulative and gaslighting.
So this music is my response to those who don’t give any heart and care and in return are surprised that there is no heart or care given back to them.
Yes, I still feel heartless…I will always want to help…always want to connect…but if I am to survive, then I must protect myself from energy that is cruel and knows no shame in how it harms.
*this music was made today (September 13, 2022). I started at 10am this morning and my music export was at 6pm. I wrote nothing down…it’s all there if you can see it.

Special Note * -
The most powerful force in my creative journey so far was my deep connection to the art and life force of my dear friend, the great Spanish Surrealist painter and sculptor, Ángel Muriel (the Archangel of Empaths) and such an intense connection of worlds! He was so generous in spirit and creative inspiration!! He gave his love and art to me freely…to use as I wished…he trusted my world and my music so deeply!!! He is not living in human form any longer, but his spirit is so strong…it is now within me…making me more powerful…

I wrote this music the day after my dear Ángel passed was to be prophetic. Everything about Ángel and Margaret Maria was divine love that has existed before our sprits met here on earth, and we found each other through our art.  
 Our 7 'Art in Divine Harmony' videos (found on my Youtube Channel) celebrate the inexplicable oneness of our worlds.