From the recording Goddess of Edges (2023)

I am moving so quickly through space and time…it is taking my breath away. I am detaching from any form of attachment…or at least I can see my form disintegrating and running through my fingers. I can’t grasp onto anything. I am holding my hands open as the world revolves around me. What I have been fighting, I am now just beginning to surrender to. It feels both horrible and incredible.
The music ‘Through Her Glistening Eyes’ is taking me from one space into the next. It all began with the Goddess of Edges and Listen 51. To go higher…and inevitably I meet yet another spirit who maybe cannot hear me…but is listening…but this time, I am not disturbed by the fact. I am accepting.
I open up now, as an eagle or a dragon, or a moth…to fly up to find something…the paradox of letting go and finding something is embedded in my bones/wings…
As I lay here…arms open, hands open and relaxed in surrender…I sit still…I await…a cosmic new energy is coming into my orbit and I am positively joyous to discover what it means. I open and open and open and move through and around to explore this remarkable new energy.
The quieter I sit, the higher I fly…the more my hands stay open and accepting, the more energy I can feel…the more I embody ‘If it comes, let it. If it goes, let it’, then I am ready to fly…ready to be so free…it feels revolutionary…it will now find its way into the music…
My revolutionary new music will emanate…I am simply taken away…gone gone gone… -MM

“When you're deeply sensitive
Love is ecstasy. 
Music is godlike. 
Heartache is a wide, somatic wound. 
Visual natural beauty is jewel-drenched
Wild bliss. 
Tension and conflict are muscle tightening 
And toxic, straight down to the cells. 
So how do you hold it all? 
You rinse
And remain clear. 
You recycle your sensitivity 
By propelling yourself and others 
To create waves of change 
In a super starving world. 
Direct your passion 
By spreading your heart 
Only across what clearly matters most. 
Surround yourself with the souls 
And spaces that groove alongside your own- 
The ones that also desire to chase the beauty, 
Courage and freedom 
We're all here to teach each other. 
Choose love over fear 
And let go of the rest
Breathing what isn't best up out of your bones. 
Remember—There is power in the body. 
Harness it for the greater good
And allow nothing confusing
Peace disrupting
Or harmful stand in its way. 
It is beautiful to feel in a body made for feeling
And exist intensely on a planet exuding intensity.”
— Victoria Erickson