BIIMA Creativity, Improv, and Composition Retreat in Italy

 — (CEST, UTC+02) — (CEST, UTC+02)

Breno, Italy , Breno

Award-winning composer and cellist Margaret Maria, came to composing in a unique and unorthodox way. Join a group of peer artists, composers, music producers, musicians, creative souls) and explore the depths of your imagination with Margaret Maria guiding you. Her unique approach will help you find your unique signature, or expand your concept of it. Wherever you are on your journey as a musician or creator, regardless of genre or arts discipline, this retreat will unlock the true artist within. Participate in a groundbreaking process that taps into your authentic creativity and expands your horizons. Unearth ideas and sounds of all kinds on 'inspiration walks' throughout Breno, gallery tours, and other unique excursions. The group will refine their skills and work together towards a mutual goal: spontaneous creation.