Improv By Night

tbc, Ottawa

All instruments and levels welcome (you can also be a beginner with just a few scales under your fingertips to participate)! We will be improvising, playing with drones, rhythm machines, creating ' Music of the Future', making soundscapes in a live setting. Stay within your comfort zone and gently venture into more sharing as you feel comfortable. The second hour will be a guided 'Spontaneous Orchestra' experience. Let your imagination and creativity out, hone your listening skills, become aware of your heightened responsiveness and just come out to have fun creating free improv.

There will be 4 classes scheduled, one every month!! Your improv chops will develop over time, so I will post the classes as the dates are confirmed. Bring a friend who is either experienced or new to improv and I will work the varying experiences into the classes.

$20 is the suggested donation for the class...and it is pwyc (pay what you can). If you are interested in donating to support the program and the rental of a larger space for future classes, your donations will be greatly appreciated.

See you there!!!

Margaret Maria.